Announcing Empire of the East for 5E

The news from Gen Con continues!

Back at Gary Con, we announced our license to produce DCC: Empire of the East. And last weekend at Gen Con we announced that Empire of the East will ALSO be available in a 5E version.

Produced in partnership with the estate of Fred Saberhagen, Empire of the East adapts the three-part series of novels into a gaming expanse that provides a post-apocalyptic world where magic and science are indistinguishable. Beginning with the classic novel The Broken Lands, Empire of the East is filled with sentient computers, abandoned missile silos, atomic-powered tanks, radioactive demons, sorcerers, sprawling empires, and strange elementals. TheĀ adaptation will provide rules for playing in Saberhagenā€™s setting, as well as stats for adapting these elements to your home game.

At the What’s New With Goodman Games seminar (streaming online at Facebook), we unveiled David Griffith’s fabulous cover art for the 5E edition of Empire of the East, which we’ve got here for you to see for yourself.

David Griffith’s cover for Empire of the East 5E

More details for Empire of the East will be trickling out over the next few months as we inch closer to the release, so keep your eyes out for all the latest!

And be sure to check back over the next several days as we bring you more news from Gen Con 2019!

In an earlier version of this article, we mistakenly reported that Empire of the East began with the novel Changeling Earth. It has been updated to The Broken Lands.

Author: pandabrett

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