The Wait List for the DCC Tournament at Gen Con

The Gen Con Cometh!

It’s just a matter of days until we start up the 2019 Gen Con DCC RPG Team Tournament! This year we will crown The Greatest Thieves In Lankhmar, a grand testament to all those who will be competing. And if you are playing in the tournament, you truly need to download the Player Pack and Grimoire to properly prepare.

But what if you aren’t on a team? What if you are standing on the outside looking in right now? Don’t worry, you have hope. That’s why we have the wait list.

You can sign up to be an alternate on the wait list on-site at Gen Con 2019!

The official wait list sign-up sheet will be located in ICC 127-128 (the same room as the tournament games). Players wishing to play in the tournament but who do not hold a ticket may sign up for a wait list spot for either the Thursday afternoon or Friday morning Round 1 sessions at the ICC coordinator table located in the front of the room.

At the start of each session, any available seats will be filled after the 10 minute grace period for no-shows after the official start time, beginning with the first person signed up on the wait list. To claim your spot on the wait list at the start of the round, you must be present (we will not hold wait list spots), and provide generic tickets in lieu of the cost of a regular tournament ticket ($8).

Be sure to check out all the rules changes to this year’s tournament from our previous post.

The title of The Greatest Thieves In Lankhmar is up for grabs this year! Who will it be? We’ll find out in Indy very soon!

Author: pandabrett

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