Reminder on New Rules for DCC Tournament at Gen Con!

The Gen Con Cometh!

We recently posted some information for the 2019 version of the Gen Con DCC RPG Team Tournament, The Greatest Thieves in Lankhmar. Specifically, we posted the player pack and grimoires to give you a chance to prepare properly for the tournament well before the show.

We do want to repeat ourselves about something, though. If you’re in the tournament this year we need to draw your attention to something especially important.

Some tournament rules are different than last year. Please review the list below and make sure you’re familiar with the changes!

  • Smaller team size: Five player teams instead of six.
  • More qualifiers: Top five teams advance to Round 2 instead of top four.
  • Consolidated Round 1: While there are still 20 teams competing in Round 1, there will only be two flights instead of four. This year’s Round 1 games will all take place on Thursday afternoon from 2-6 pm or on Friday morning from 9-1 pm in ICC 127-128, meaning that there will be a total of ten games with up to 50 tournament players each day!
  • Minimum team size: A minimum team size of three players is required instead of two, including teams advancing to Rounds 2 or 3. If a team that advances does not have the minimum number of players, the next highest-scoring alternate team will advance in their place.
  • Continuing after a TPK: This year for the first time we are allowing teams to continue unofficially after a TPK! After a team TPKs and their score for the round has been recorded, they may choose to continue playing. Judge’s will hand out the remaining pre-gens for the team to choose to proceed with, picking up where the team left off. Scores for the team are calculated based only on the progress made through the last character’s death of the original party.
  • Lankhmar tournament rules: New rules for running tournaments in the Lankhmar setting have been included, including adjustments for healing, death and dying, and fleeting Luck. See the Player Pack for more information on the specific changes. 
  • Additional tournament slots: We are currently limiting the tournament slots to the twenty Round 1 games listed in the event grid (ten on Thursday afternoon and ten on Friday morning). However, check at the Goodman Games booth and website to see if additional game slots have been added.
  • Wait list: The official wait list sign-up sheet will be located in ICC 127-128 (the same room as the tournament games). Players wishing to play in the tournament but who do not hold a ticket may sign up for a wait list spot for either the Thursday afternoon or Friday morning Round 1 sessions at the ICC coordinator table located in the front of the room. At the start of each session, any available seats will be filled after the 10 minute grace period for no-shows after the official start time, beginning with the first person signed up on the wait list. To claim your spot on the wait list at the start of the round, you must be present (we will not hold wait list spots), and provide generic tickets in lieu of the cost of a regular tournament ticket ($8).
  • Closing Ceremony: Finally, this year’s closing ceremony will be held at 2 pm Sunday in ICC 127-128 instead of at the Goodman Games booth!

We’re less than three weeks from the start of Gen Con 2019! We hope to see you all in Indy!

Author: pandabrett

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