Online Store Rolls Out Some DCC Dice!

You’ve clamored for them, and we’ve heard the calls. DCC Dice are now available!

We have three sets of dice that you can grab in our online stores right now: Farrah’s Fantastic Fragments, Marvels of the Mustachioed Magician, and Shanna’s Weird Dice. If you’ve previously picked up her set, the new printing on the Shanna set has all new art on the outside, and new material on the inside!

Which reminds us: don’t throw away your packaging! The back of the the art insert in each tube contains unique Dungeon Crawl Classics info available nowhere else to add to your game!

Our dice never last long! They are available right now, so do not delay! Head on over to our online store to check out each of the sets you see below!

Farrah’s Fantastic Fragments

Marvels of the Mustachioed Magician

Shanna’s Weird Dice

Author: pandabrett

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