Two Kickstarters Live for DCC RPG Zines!

Two new Kickstarters are live, and they continue to show the diversity that DCC RPG inspires!

You can get in on the ground floor of the two new zines for Dungeon Crawl Classics that take the game in very different directions. Terror of the Stratosfiend and Ghostlike Crime are both now live, and waiting for you!

Terror of the Stratosfiend

Terror of the Stratosfiend is a new zine from Orbital Intelligence that explores a world where portals have been opening around the globe, with strange, alien creatures stepping through to challenge the reality people have known. What’s more, it turns out that some of the humans that you’ve known all your life were actually some of these aliens in disguise. Terror of the Stratosfiend is meant to be used either as a stand-alone campaign setting, or as an addition to your already existing campaign, adding what they call “a splash of tentacles” to your game.

Here’s what is promised in the first issue:

New Classes:

  • Human Sat-Caster: A spellcaster that draws power from weapons satellite gods and calls down their fury. 
  • Half-Stratosfiend Street Whisperer: A hybrid that can blend in amongst human and stratosfiend society alike. Oh and it mutates constantly. 
  • Stratosfiend Delver: A psionic tentacled giant that draws followers wherever it travels. 
  • Stratosfiend Magistrate Gladiatrix: An  engine of tentacles and blades that specializes in making a bloody mess. Oh and it can charm people. Not creepy at all.

Additional Items:

  • New Weapons: future science weapons, and an upgrade system.
  • New Armor: ranging from siege enhancements, to a suit for a day at the beach!
  • New Equipment: ranging from parasites that make you stealthy, to a micro-evolution injection.

Introducing new Orbital Intelligence Patrons (complete with invoke patron results, spellburn, patron taint, and their spells) :

  • Sky-Lasher the Everlasting, Trident of the Sun: Imagine if a weapons satellite got possessed by a bat-winged demon….
  • Terror-Eater, The Earth-Mother: A tentacled monstrosity that wears the earth like the hermit crab shell that it is.

Introducing some new bestiary entries that go bump in the night:

  • Children of Earth: Ever seen what happens when you breed an orangutan with a horned toad? You will. 
  • Children of Space: Spoilers! Some of them spawn new enemies just by bleeding. Oh and one of them is a living breathing battle tank.     

Ghostlike Crime

On the other end of the spectrum lives Ghostlike Crime. This new zine by Kane Cathain presents a world of shadows and conspiracy, with the PCs being a few of the few who know the truth: the world is home to monsters and magic unlike anything people understand. 

Here’s a description from the Kickstarter:

The adventurers are monster hunters and defenders of humanity from paranormal threats. They are not a part of any government program, but an autonomous and clandestine group that also works to keep power out of the hands of oppressors. They are the nail that sticks up. This parallel reality is a dystopia where magic exists, but open practitioners are unheard of. Wealth hoards power and these usurpers who cannot wield it enslave those who do. Ghostlike Crime is set up to be as grim or gonzo as you like.

This is what the first issue will include:

  • Modified Classes for The Warrior, The Thief, and The Halfling.
  • New Class: The Scrapper – Like the whiskey hiding in the corner of a bottle in the recycle bin, forgotten enchantments linger on objects left out on a curb. The Scrapper can see the aura of these enchantments, more importantly they can wield them as a weapon.
  • New Class: The Paratechnologist – An artificer of weird science devices. They jury-rig everything from tethers for the incorporeal to anti-matter silver bullets.
  • Equipment: Weapons, paratechnological items, and trash artifacts.
  • Adventuring party archetypes for the modern hero.
  • A collection of adversaries from the Cabals of the Corporatocracy to the Unstoppable Killing Machine.
  • Two full adventures ready to put your players through the paces of weird sci-fi horror gaming.

Both of these zines offer a wildly different take on your campaign, and both promise some exciting concepts. And they both have already met their initial goals, so you know they will be heading your way soon! 

Dungeon Crawl Classics has a great tradition of fan-made zines expanding on the concepts of the game, and we love to promote and encourage this level of creativity. If you want to explore the world of the DCC Zine, be sure to check out our Brief History of DCC Zines as well as the Best Selling DCC Zines of 2018 to see what others have already created.

And head on over to show your love and support for both Ghostlike Crime and Terror of the Stratosfiend today!

Author: pandabrett

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