New in Online Store: Back to BasiX #7

It’s the first new product of our online store for 2019! Fans of OSR books will be excited to hear that we have the latest issue of Back to BasiX now in stock!

Back to BasiX #7 is the latest offering from ThrowiGames, presenting new material in homage to the classic editions of Dungeons and Dragons. This issue contains a product spotlight, spell review, new magic items, new monsters, two short encounters (“Giant Oak Retreat”, “The High Crypt”), a full-page comic, “Dungeon Delvers” by artist, Travis Hanson, and interview with artist and author Erol Otus, including new previously unpublished artwork.

This zine has been a huge success, and we’re happy to say that we have not only the latest issue, but also the first six issues in stock as well. So this is the perfect chance to grab a full run of the series in one sweep

Back to BasiX made the list of our best-selling third party products for 2018, and you can see it—along with the rest of the selections—in our post detailing those items right here. 

Back to BasiX #7


Author: pandabrett

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