The Giant Horsefly In The Borderlands

After three printings, you’d think we’d get it right!

Eagle-eyed fan Bill Cahill recently informed us that our magnificent volume Into the Borderlands references the Giant Horsefly on page 276 but does not include stats for said monster. Sigh. Even the best of us make mistakes sometimes! Mr. Cahill, you earned a No-Scroll, and we hereby present the 5E stats for the Giant Horsefly

If you don’t already own Into the Borderlands, we recommend you snatch up the latest printing immediately, since it will be the last printing published without the Giant Horsefly stats! It’s highly collectible—or so we’ve been told. When it comes time for a fourth printing, we will update the text to include these stats.

You can still pre-order the second volume in the Original Adventures Reincarnated series, The Isle of Dread. Isle of Dread is on track for a December release. Have we mentioned that? Because it is. And there are no giant horseflies in this one.

Get your pre-order in now!

Author: pandabrett

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