DCC RPG License Plate Spotted in Kentucky!


We have fans. Lots of fans. The best fans in the world.

And there are those fans who go to the next level. Hardcore fans. We previously showed you Smendzbee and his tattoo, and Judge Ogrebeef and his rented gong, and now we bring you Rick Hull of Kentucky, who has an “official” DCC RPG license plate!


Here’s what Rick had to say about the plate:

I have had people recognize, or at least ask about, the license plate. At my last job I wound up passing along a copy of The DCC Quick Start Rules to a young new hire who asked about it. And I recently met a seller from Facebook Marketplace at a parking lot who knew of not only DCC but Joseph Goodman, too – not personally, but spoke highly of him.

My girlfriend, Christy, drives the Blazer from time to time, and she says the interns at her work (she does GIS for the state) are the most likely to recognize/ask about the plate.

The funniest moment, I guess, was once repeatedly getting honked at on a busy drive home on I75 and wondering what the heck this guy’s problem was. He finally passed, but as he did he smiled and waved (instead of flipping me the bird). I saw that he had a SAVE symbol logo bumper sticker (from the Chill RPG) so it was a fellow gamer just saying “hi.”

The adventures of a man, a game, and a license plate. It’s the stuff of legend.

This gives us some ideas for the 2019 Road Crew‚Ķmaybe there will be some license plate frames involved….

Author: pandabrett

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