A Phantasmagorical New Zine!


Looking for something that lends a little more towards the stars? Chance Phillips might just have something for you.

Phantasmagoria is the new DCC-powered zine that takes the rules and moves them into the realms of science-fantasy. This professionally-made zine will be a 32-page, 5.5″ x 8″ zine designed to take the rules and blast them off into new adventure. And you can get in on the ground floor! Phantasmagoria now has a Kickstarter to get the first (and potentially second) issue finished up and ready to go.

Here’s an excerpt from the Kickstarter:

Countless ships sail the sprawling void between planets, loaded with supplies and weapons. Blackguards use relics of a long fallen empire to terrorize civilians, attempting to conquer planets and even entire systems. Governments are in a constant cycle of decay and renewal, with most just being strongmen grabbing territory for themselves. With so much wealth constantly flowing from person to person, it would practically be a crime not to try to take some for yourself…

And there is much more to be had! This Kickstarter is not from Goodman Games. It is a product made under the free third party license for Dungeon Crawl Classics.

Head on over to Kickstarter and check out Phantasmagoria today!


Author: pandabrett

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