New Gen Con Tournament Slots Added!


You wanted the best, you got the best! The hottest game at Gen ConDungeon Crawl Classics!

You read that right! Our Gen Con events sold out nearly instantaneously, but with some fancy footwork and last minute prestidigitation—plus some generous judges—we have added four additional slots for this year’s DCC Team Tournament. That means there is room for 24 more players. If you missed your chance to sign up earlier, ACT FAST and sign up now! Our events usually sell out in record time and these won’t be an exception!

The two events are 4-hour tournament slots for our Riders on the Phlogiston event, which is the title of this year’s team tournament. If you do sign up, make sure you download and read the player pack that was recently posted!

The newly available time slots are:

• Thursday, 9:00 AM, event RPG18128091

• Friday, 9:00 AM, event RPG18128109

You can find these events on the Gen Con events page. Sign up now!

Want to learn more about the tournament experience? You can find info on last year’s tournament here!



Author: pandabrett

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