It’s Reprint-O-Rama, where our reprints are INSANE!

Okay, maybe that sounds a bit like a furniture store that has been going out of business for seventeen years, but we really have been getting a lot of books back on the shelves lately. So, if you’ve been missing any of the titles you see listed below, now is the chance to get them. All of these titles are now in stock, and ready to ship, so look for them at your FLGS and in our Online Store!

Fifth Edition Fantasy #1: Glitterdoom

Centuries ago, the glitterdoom came to the dwarves of Steelhand Clan! This divine curse transformed the dwarves into hellish forms with an insatiable greed for gold. Now, a chance encounter breaks open long-sealed gates to unleash the glitterdoom again. Can your adventurers delve into the forgotten halls to confront the subterranean menace?

Fifth Edition Fantasy #2: Fey Sister’s Fate

The cries of battle echo in the rustic wilderness, as a pair of fey sisters defend the ancient Briarwood against invaders. When the town of Bur Hollow sends militia men to support their fey allies, they disappear without a trace. The adventurers must enter the Briarwood and save them!

How To Write Adventure Modules That Don’t Suck

Over the last 15 years, Goodman Games has established a reputation for publishing some of the best adventure modules in the industry. Now we present our advice on how you can write great adventures! This compilation of articles is authored by two dozen of the industry’s best-known adventure writers. Each article gives a different perspective on how to write adventure modules that don’t suck, written by authors with decades of experience and prominent published credits. By the time you’re done reading this book, you’ll be on the path to designing great adventure modules on your own.

Grimtooth’s Ultimate Traps Collection

Produced in cooperation with Flying Buffalo, Grimtooth’s Ultimate Traps Collection contains exact reprints of all five Grimtooth’s Traps books. The 460-page tome details more than 500 traps in a systems-neutral format, suitable for any fantasy RPG. They are presented in their original, classic form. No updates, no rules revisions, no changes, and nothing to disrupt the entertaining formula that has led the Grimtooth’s line to sell more than 250,000 copies since 1981.

DCC Judge’s Screen

The re-designed Judge’s Screen features new artwork and new tables on the front side for players to use. A beautiful way for the Judge to keep everything in order—and in secret.

Original Adventures Reincarnated #1: Into the Borderlands

The smash hit of 2018 is back in a new printing! Collecting the original printings of both B1: In Search of the Unknown and B2: The Keep On The Borderlands, Into the Borderlands also has a Fifth Edition conversion written just for this book by Chris Doyle and Tim Wadzinski. Every printing has sold out in record time, so do not delay to get in line for this one. (And look for news on the second volume soon!)

Dungeon Alphabet, 4th Printing

The Dungeon Alphabet compiles inspirational tables on classic dungeon design elements to assist the game master in creating subterranean challenges. The 4th printing is expanded with 16 pages of additional content for a total of 80 pages.

DCC #72: Beyond the Black Gate, 2nd printing

The first “high-level” adventure from Goodman Games was this classic by Harley Stroh. The new printing has a dynamic new cover by Ken Kelly along with a new back-up adventure, Crash of the Sky People, by Terry Olsen.

DCC #80: Intrigue at the Court of Chaos, 2nd printing

A new printing of the classic adventure by Michael Curtis, now sporting a striking new cover by Russ Nicholson. It also contains the new back-up adventure, War Pits of the Chaos Wizards.

Lots of great product now back in stock. So head over to your favorite store—or find one through our Retailer Locator—or check these books out at our Online Store.


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