Road Crew Survey Email


Head’s up, Road Crew! We are looking for feedback, and we want it from you!

We want to hear about the Road Crew experience. What works best and what doesn’t? How can we support the games more? What’s your most favorite and least favorite swag? Do we ask too many questions? That kind of thing.

If you are a member of the Road Crew you should expect to see an email very soon. In fact, if you haven’t seen the survey by this Friday, drop us an email and we’ll get one sent your way.

And since today is Independence Day in the United States, go have yourself a hot dog and/or a hamburger, and then watch something explode. Or, better yet, go roll some dice with some friends and watch their minds explode! They bring a firecracker, you bring a pair of dice! It’s the Washington DCC way!


Author: pandabrett

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