Support The Purple Sorcerer Free DCC Tools Pledge Drive!


The fine folks over at Purple Sorcerer Games provide a variety of free tools for Dungeon Crawl Classics fans. These includes a 0-level character generator that has produced over 5,000,000 soon-to-die serfs, an award winning mobile/desktop tool that can help handle all your funky dice-rolling and chart-referencing needs, a custom DCC spellbook generator, and much more! They’re all freely available at the Purple Sorcerer website.

The expenses required to maintain the tools (server, software, and hardware costs) are funded by fans like you through a once-a-year event, and this year’s Free Tools Pledge Drive is upon us! There are many prizes available to those who give, including treasures determined randomly, and special wonders for those who are especially generous. If you enjoy the Purple Sorcerer’s tools, consider giving to support the continuing development of these valuable resources.

Purple Sorcerer has some big plans for the coming year, and you can help make those plans happen. If you use these tools—and they are some fabulous tools—then you need to show your love to the people who make them and then give them to you for free.

Go pledge some support at the Purple Sorcerer Free Tools Pledge Drive today!


Author: pandabrett

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