Get Your Exclusive Road Crew Judge’s Screen!


We love our Road Crew. The Road Crew serves for many people out there as the first face of Goodman Games. The people who are running the public events that draw people into Dungeon Crawl Classics and all things Goodman. For years now we’ve had special awards that we hand out to members of the Road Crew for hitting certain plateaus—but we’ve never done this.

When you run just your SECOND Road Crew game in 2018, we will get you one of our brand-new DCC Judge’s Screen: Road Crew Version, absolutely free. This special Road Crew Judges Screen is designed to complement the standard DCC Judges Screen. It has some additional tables that you won’t encounter as often as the ones on the main screen, but which are still handy: wizard spells with level and page number, cleric spells with level and page number, disapproval, and crit tables II and III.

This great new version of the DCC Judge’s Screen is ONLY available to members of the Road Crew, and only after run their second game. Just two games! FOR FREE! What are we, crazy? Nope. We’re just that big a fan of our Road Crew.

Check out the images of the screen below!

Standard Screen


Road Crew Screen


If you aren’t currently a member of the Road Crew, and you think you’ve got the chops to take DCC to the world, joining is easy! Click on over and get started. We’d love to have you as a part of the Road Crew!


Author: pandabrett

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