Tower of Faces Drop Die Table!


We were excited to bring DCC #96: The Tower of Faces to Dungeon Crawl Classics fans as a new adventure. Not that long ago, advance copies premiered at Gary Con, but now it is available to the public as a whole.

Why were we excited? Well, for one thing it was selected as the winner of the Rodneys Design Award, OSR track, at Gamehole Con 2016. And for another, it’s just an amazing adventure.

And in the amazing category: there are some great little bonus items that come with it. One of those items is a handout in the module of a drop die table. Now you don’t have to take it out of the module, though!

We have posted the PDF of this handout as a full-page download so you can print it at home. You can download it from the DCC #96: The Tower of Faces page on our online store!

Now, drop some dice and defend that tower!


Author: pandabrett

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