Less Anarchy for Your Dice, UK!


Do you live in the UK? Have you had trouble finding the dice to make your Dungeon Crawl Classics experience complete? Well, have we got news for you!

UK players now have easier access to Impact “DCC Dice” via The Dice Shop, a UK seller that now stocks the Impact dice line. This allows UK players to order online at local shipping costs, pay in British pounds, and get your dice much quicker.

They have a limited selection of Impact Dice to choose from at the moment. Only five of the sets are currently available, though the popularity of the DCC-style dice might mean they aren’t in stock for long! That doesn’t mean you can’t expect more, soon, however. Let them know you want them, and the dice will just roll right in!

And you don’t HAVE to be in the UK to purchase them, but if you aren’t… international shipping charges may apply.

Check out the selection of DCC Dice from The Dice Shop!

And God Save the Queen! …everyone else takes full damage.


Author: pandabrett

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