It’s Vehicle Mayhem!


Get your motor runnin’! Let’s head out on the highway! Looking for adventure and whatever comes our way!

Vehicle Mayhem is the new supplement from Tuesday Night Fiend Club, and is designed to bring special vehicular rules into your Dungeon Crawl Classics or Mutant Crawl Classics role-playing game! Written by Jonathan Snodgrass, this new supplement brings you 28-pages of simple rules to guide your players through the wasteland, wrecking every car in their way. It’s madness, Max!

Inside it you will find:

  • Stats for base vehicles & modifications to build your own engine of destruction
  • Special firearms rules
  • Tips for running a road race tournament
  • Random events to make every mile deadly

Vehicle Mayhem is the latest third-party publisher product to be offered in our online store. Written by Jonathan Snodgrass and published by Tuesday Night Fiend Club, this is a great way to get some crashing-good fun into your campaign!


Author: pandabrett

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