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Rodney-Award-logoMost of you probably remember that we have sponsored a contest at Gamehole Con for the past couple of years, The Rodneys Design Award (DCC Track). We’ve had some amazing entries that blew us away, including the module by our 2017 winner, Marzio Muscedere. Did you also know that there are other awards for adventure design that are given out at the same time? There are, and we couldn’t help but notice one of the fantastic winners. So much so, that we’ve adapted his module to Dungeon Crawl Classics.

The Tower of Faces was selected as the winner of The Rodneys Design Award (OSR Track) at Gamehole Con 2016. Goodman Games is proud to have the opportunity to publish this exciting adventure adapted for DCC!

The adventure puts your characters in a challenging situation. A powerful wizard summons you to his great tower of black glass for the sole purpose of guarding him while he casts a spell. Sounds easy enough—which should be the first red flag. It seems that the wizard has a bevy of mysterious guests and strange visitors that have to be dealt with during the casting. Oh, and the casting will last five days. No pressure. At least nothing bad could happen from him casting the spell, though, right? (Hint: something bad happens.)

The Tower of Faces is written by Nick Judson, has fabulous cartography by Stefan Poag, and features a stunning cover by legendary Spanish artist Sanjulian (of Vampirella and Conan fame). Check it out below! It is a level 6 adventure for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, and is slated to release in April.

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Author: pandabrett

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