Grab Bags Are Back!


Don’t blink! If you do, this offer might be gone.

For a limited time, our Grab Bags are back! What is our Grab Bag? I’m glad you asked! We will take a box and stuff it full of Goodman Games goodies, and sell it to you at a fabulous price. There’s only one tiny catch: We get to choose what goes inside one. You DO get to decide the size of the box, however!

We are offering two sizes: the 1” deep tab-lock box and the huge 3” deep tab-lock box. The 1” box is $25 and the 3” box is $50. We will stuff each box full of books and send it your way. Each small Grab Bag holds approximately 2.5 pounds of books, and each large Grab Bag holds approximately 8 pounds of books. Which books will you get? We’re not gonna say. We can’t say! These are Grab Bags! It’s all random! We do guarantee there will be no duplicates in the box, and that all contents are in English. Other than that, it can be anything from any of our product lines: Dungeon Crawl Classics, Age of Cthulhu, Xcrawl, Judges Guild, Metamorphosis Alpha, Fifth Edition Fantasy, system neutral product, or maybe even older 3E or 4E titles. Only the gods themselves know for sure, and they ain’t talkin!

Oh, and there is one other item we’re tossing in them this time around. For the 2018 Grab Bags, we may include a T-shirt as well! When you place your order, tell us your T-shirt size in the comments field. If the stars align, you may get a T-shirt in your size along with the rest of the grab bag contents.

This is all about the luck of the draw, but we feel there are no losers. EVERYONE is going to get something great, because we go out of our way to only make great things! So, do you feel lucky, punk? Well…do you? (…that’s a Dirty Harry reference for those under the age of 40….)

Go Order One…or more!…Grab Bags Today!

Author: pandabrett

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