Now Sold Out!

Goodman-Games-Now-Sold-OutNow Sold Out!

It’s been a brisk holiday season, and you folks have supported us in ways that we never imagined. To the point where we have to now announce that there are a couple of items that are gone from our inventory.

The Dungeon Crawl Classics 4th Printing Silver Foil Edition is now completely sold out in our warehouse. Some stores may still have copies, but we have no more available for our online store or for distributors. So if you’ve been eying a copy at your local retailer, now is the time to buy it! We have no plans to reprint this cover, so if you see one, act.

DCC #83: The Chained Coffin boxed set is also sold out in our warehouse. This boxed set came in three editions, the color cover, the silver foil edition, and the gold foil edition. All but the gold foil edition are completely sold out. And for the gold foil we have just a handful of copies left – and once they’re gone they’ll be gone forever. We do plan to reprint the Shudder Mountains setting (covering DCC #83 as well as some of the other material produced for it) in the future. Look for more details on this sometime later in 2018.

And with the way things are going, we don’t know what will be next. If there is something in our Online Store you’ve been considering, consider buying it now. As sad as we are to report those two items being gone, we are also very grateful that you have shown the support to sell through all of them. Thank you!

Author: pandabrett

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