Accolades for Adventurer’s Almanac!

Adventurers-Almanac-coverIf you haven’t had a chance to check out the new Adventurer’s Almanac, we think you are missing out! Not only did author Michael Curtis knock it out of the park in our opinion, but other people are saying the same thing. And if you don’t know what the book is about, let us correct that right now!

Most of the time, game masters don’t have time to fully detail certain elements of their world. The Adventurer’s Almanac attempts to correct this oversight by presenting the game master with not only a wondrous calendar useable in most fantasy games, but by also providing him or her with an entire year’s worth of adventure seeds, new monsters, unique magic items, interesting NPCs, and momentous occasions. With this book as part of your gaming library, you have access to a simple, yet evocative, way to count the days and a go-to source for adventure ideas when your imagination needs a kick-start.

Still not convinced? How about we sweeten the deal. Here, have a free preview of the Adventurer’s Almanac, on us. We just want you to enjoy the book as much as we do.


  • Twenty Side to Every Story: “This book is a perfect resource for both last minute game prep as well as long-term planning for an entire campaign.”

Adventurer’s Almanac FREE Preview (PDF)Adventurers-Almanac-cover

Author: pandabrett

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