Happy Birthday, America!

Happy-4th-July-from-Goodman-GamesHappy birthday, America! On the 241st anniversary of our nation’s founding, let’s all take a day to remember everything that make our country special. Freedom. Equality. Independence. Or, to paraphrase a man much wiser than I shall ever be…

Four score and seven years ago—plus another eight score and fourteen years—our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that everyone is created equal.

We aren’t perfect, but we won’t stop trying to get there. Let’s make it happen. Go on and have a good day, watch some fireworks, maybe game a little, and throw something on the grill—but not the fireworks, that could be a bit counter-productive.

Tomorrow we start the next 241 years, America. Let’s make them better than ever!


Author: pandabrett

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