Lankhmar Goes To BackerKit!

DCC-Lankhmar-BackerKitIf you were one of the fine folks who pledged their support for our new Lankhmar project, first off: THANK YOU! Secondly, it is not time to go and check your pledge. The Lankhmar Kickstarter has made the move to BackerKit, which is where you will finalize your selections, choose your add-ons, and make sure the address is correct so that we send the product out to the right place. You should have received an email about this directly from BackerKit, but if for some reason it isn’t showing up, first check your spam folder, and if it still isn’t there, contact us through a private message on Kickstarter and we will help you get access.

It’s all moving forward, folks! Next thing you know, Michael Curtis will be on his way to Texas to study for a full week in preparation of finishing up this exciting new project!


Author: pandabrett

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