New DCC Third Party Publishers!

DCC-New-3PPIt’s not just Goodman Games that supports Dungeon Crawl Classics. There are some great products that come out from Third Party Publishers, or 3PP as we call them. In fact, there are four great new products this week alone! And each of them is a 0-Level Funnel designed to get you started down the path of DCC greatness!

Sky ov Crimson Flame by Thorin Thompson comes to us via Owl Knight Publishing. The adventure unfolds with the disappearance of the raven-haired beauty Belesa and soon turns to hysteria as others vanish from the village of Reed. One by one, friends, loved ones and finally the children scream out in the dark of the night and are lost…. Also featured is Blights ov the Eastern Forest, a 1st level mini-campaign which sends your adventurers on a dangerous mission to cleanse the evil that spawns from the very roots!

From The Keep Studios comes Sword in the Jungle Deep, by Francisco Duarte. Exiled into a merciless jungle teeming with monstrous wildlife, a band of hapless prisoners must uncover ancient secrets to survive. Which, as we know, is never a certainty when playing DCC.

Then we have AL8: Fire in the Mountain from Purple Duck Games. Author Daniel J. Bishop has crafted an adventure designed with multiple uses. As a young and frisky urisk, and unafraid of fire, will you brave the dark passages of the fallen Temple of Krakaal and put things right, saving your people? AL 8: Fire in the Mountain is a level-0 funnel, but is easily scalable for higher level adventure.

Finally, we have FT0: Prince Charming, Reanimator. Daniel J. Bishop is back again, with another adventure from Purple Duck Games. Prince Hubert Charming of Westlake has determined that the long-dead Princess Beauty is only cursed to sleep away the aeons, and he will have her for his bride. His men rounded up a stable of “volunteers” at the beginning of one early autumn morning, and here you are, with what makeshift arms and equipment you had upon you when you were “volunteered”.

There you have it! And this is just the latest. There a ton more 3pp available in our online store!


Author: pandabrett

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