DCC 91.2 In Stores This Week!

DCC-91-2-2Plunging into world building is one thing, plunging into the world, building is quite another! Take your players to places unseen as they Journey To The Center of Aereth! The latest chapter of this depth-defying adventure series is now in stores!

Dungeon Crawl Classics #91.2: Lairs of Lost Agharta is a collection of thirteen separate denizens dwelling in the deep, dark Aghartan underworld of Aereth. A collection of our finest writers—Steven Bean, Daniel J. Bishop, Tim Callahan, Stephen Newton, and Terry Olson with Harley Stroh—have put it to themselves to create challenges of varying degrees of difficulty, but all with the same sense of the odd eerie-ness of the world under the world.

Even if you haven’t been following the Journey To The Center of Aereth series (and you totally should), this is still an amazing set of encounters that are perfect to add a touch of strange to any game. You can pick up DCC #91.2: Lairs of Lost Agharta at your FLGS now, and to find the one nearest you, may we recommend our Retailer Locator! If that doesn’t work, fear not! We have it available for you in our online store, as well!

Now, sleep well, and don’t let the No-Men bite…

Author: pandabrett

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