We Want You — To Run Con Events!

Send-Us-Your-Games2Are you a fan of Dungeon Crawl Classics? Are you going to be at Origins, North Texas RPG Con, or GameHole Con? Well, Goodman Games needs you! We’re looking for individuals to help us run gaming events at each of these shows. And if you help us out, we’ll help you out by getting you some awesome swag. If you’ve got the chops, and want to help us spread the love of DCC to new folks and old fans alike, please contact us at tacojohndm@yahoo.com

Here is the current timeline for event submissions:

  • North Texas RPG Con general event registration opens April 15th.
  • GameHole Con event submission opens April 15.
  • Origins event Registration opens May 3rd, and Early Bird Registration is open now and closes May 31st.

Go ahead and send us your information now, so that we can get things set up as soon as possible. Submissions for events is limited, so please get in touch so we can arrange to get you in the game master’s seat!

Author: pandabrett

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