TPK Tissues

TPK Tissues

It’s no use crying over spilt ale, but sometimes you just have to shed some tears for the hapless adventurers who perish while plumbing the depths of monster-infested caverns. Blowing your mucus-filled nostrils into sheets of graph paper is frowned upon at the convention table, so what is a grieving gamer to do? Do not worry, blubbering ones! Goodman Games has solved your problems.

TPK-tissue-LGIntroducing: TPK TISSUES

After the last character meets an untimely demise, you’ll be the hero of the party when you whip out your TPK Tissues for everyone. TPK Tissues are specially treated with the soothing glandular slime of a Musk Goblin to make them gentle on the sensitive noses of gamers! Get your TPK Tissues this weekend at Gary Con IX!

Author: Dieter Zimmerman

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