Umerican Survival Guide

Umerican Survival Guide

Umerican Survival GuideThe Umerican Survival Guide is Kickstarting now! Umerica is a third-party super science & sorcery post-apocalyptic setting for DCC RPG set in a weird, twisted version of North and Central America. It originated in the Crawling Under a Broken Moon fanzine but the Umerican Survival Guide is a fully revised and fleshed out version of the setting. What kinds of things will you find in the Umerican Survival Guide?

  • It has a dozen new or revised character class options, nine of which are unique to Umerica.
  • Mutations! The Umerican Survival Guide contains a robust and flavorful mutation system usable by all characters and creatures. Includes the following types of mutations: Bestial, Botanical, Aggregate, Altered Biology, Weaponization, & Freak Abilities. Mutant characters get bonuses to surviving the mutagenic process with less… complications.
  • A new piecemeal armor system more evocative to a post apocalyptic world. It incorporates damage resistance to keep your characters alive, ablatives to keep your damage resistance from weakening, and armor degradation to keep your character always on the lookout for some sweet new armor.
  • A vehicular creation and combat system for all of your petrolhead needs! Rules for bikes, cars, trucks, semis, trains, planes, boats, and mechs including base stat blocks and lots of traits to upgrade them with. Then there are new rules for car chases and mass vehicular melees.
  • A pantheon of Umerican Gods and Patrons for your characters to worship and fear including Buddy O’Burger (The Clown God of Feasting, Customer Service, and Cannibalism) and Elmos, the puppet host of eternal pain and suffering.
  • A comprehensive section on the Citadel of Scrap and its sprawling 8 districts, a good campaign starting point for exploring Umerica.
  • Several short Interesting Places to Die that can easily be dropped into an existing campaign.
  • Dozens of random tables covering aspects of everyday wasteland life, finding salvage, and adventure creation plus much, much more!

The Umerican Survival Guide is already fully funded, and it’s on to unlocking some awesome stretch goals! Pledge today so you don’t miss out!

Author: Dieter Zimmerman

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