DCC #92.5: Dread on Demon Crown Hill

DCC-92-5DCC #92.5: Dread on Demon Crown Hill

Hey kids! When was the last time you visited your friendly local game store? Well, if you’re a DCC fan, right now is a good time!

Many great game stores have opened over the last few years, and the best ones carry Goodman Games products. We’re encouraging these game stores to continue their support with a special new adventure module available exclusively through retail stores! DCC #92.5: Dread on Demon Crown Hill is a new DCC module available only through game retailers.

How can retailers get this new adventure module? Easy: simply visit the Goodman Games booth at the GAMA Trade Show next week in Las Vegas, NV! All the details on ordering will be available there. Make sure to ask your local store to order this adventure – and make sure they’re visiting our booth at the GAMA Trade Show!

Not sure where your local game store is? Visit our retail locator to find one near you!

Author: Dieter Zimmerman

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