Mutant Crawl Classics Podcasts


Mutant Crawl Classics Podcasts

Mutant Crawl Classics isn’t here yet, but it’s getting closer and closer! While you wait, you can listen to Glowburn, the first MCC RPG podcast!

Episode One introduces you to the hosts, gives some informative discussion about the Post-Apocalyptic genre in general, and contains other goodies like a tube of blue concentrate and the Mold Mother.

Episode Two takes a look at Crawling Under a Broken Moon, the setting of post-apocalptic crasziness for DCC RPG. Judge Bill tries to create a beast that thrives in the Pitch Black and Judge Forrest describes a living beneficial bio-artifact.

And if that’s not enough, listen to the MCC RPG actual play podcast from RPPR as they explore the Museum at the End of Time. And you can watch the Living4Crits crew go through the same experience here:


That’s still not all! Listen to MCC RPG creator Jim Wampler on the Sanctum Secorum podcast and again on the Spellburn podcast!

That’s quite a bit of Mutant Crawl Classics to keep you busy until you can hold that gorgeous rule book in your hands. Have you pre-ordered it yet to make sure you get a copy to hold in your hands? Do it now!



Author: Dieter Zimmerman

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