Black Friday Deals and New Releases

Black_FridayBlack Friday is the Day of the Dark Master! Check out our online store for five great offers, including our first Black Friday Kickstarter!

First, Fifty Fantastic Functions for the D50 is a Kickstarter collaboration with Colonel Lou Zocchi to create a 112-page book of uses for the 50-sided die, to be shipped with said 50-sided die. It’s a very niche product for a pretty specific use so hey…we hope this works! This is a limited-time offer that runs for only two weeks!

Second, grab bags are back! We take a Medium-sized Priority Mail box, stuff it full of product, and charge you $50 + $11.30 shipping. The typical box will contain face value of $100-$150 or more of modules, sourcebooks, and other materials, selected at random across our product lines.

Third, the 2015 holiday module is here! Dungeon Crawl Classics: Advent of the Avalanche Lords is a level 3 showdown at the icy gates of civilization! For a limited time this adventure and other digest-sized “stocking stuffer” modules are only $7.00 each!

Fourth,we’ve brought back the DCC RPG holiday gift wrap and now have holiday cards too!

And finally, you can visit our RPGNow online storefront to save 40% on PDF e-books!

Viva la Black Friday! Enjoy the deals while they last!

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