Goodman Games News – Oct 2016

All the news from around the multiverse!
DCC 2016 Halloween module now available to order

The 2016 DCC Halloween module Sinister Sutures of the Semptress
is now in stock! This level 6 adventure by Michael Curtis may be the
creepiest DCC module yet written, so order soon before it’s out of
stock! You get a free PDF copy when you order a print copy.

We also found a very limited quantity of last year’s Halloween module They Served Brandolyn Red, so you can order that too and run TWO Halloween adventures this year!

Check out our new website!
Our web goblin has been hard at work to bring you the new and improved Goodman Games website!
You can now order PDFs directly from our website, including out of print products like Broncosaurus Rex, DragonMech, Etherscope, and the entire line of 3.5 DCC modules all the way back to DCC #1! There is a section of the store devoted to third-party DCC RPG publishers! And each DCC setting (Purple Planet, Shudder Mountains, Xcrawl, Lankhmar, and Center of Aereth) have their own store pages.
Gen Con releases for sale!
All of our Gen Con new releases are now available for purchase in our web store. Here are just a few of the exciting things you can get:
Road Crew photos
Here are a few of the photos we’ve received from recent games run by our Road Crew! It’s not too late to join the fun. Visit the 2016 World Tour page on our website for details on how you can get your pictures here and earn cool rewards for running games!
The Kickstarter for Sky ov Crimson Flame from Owl Knight Publishing is live and going strong! Pledge now to get your copy of this huge 0-level funnel with great cover art from DCC RPG favorite Stephan Poag!