Xcrawl Classics Launches Tomorrow With A Party!

It’s a Launch Party — and you’re invited!

Tomorrow is the big day for the all-new edition of Xcrawl Classics on Kickstarter, and we’re having a party to celebrate. Join Joseph Goodman and friends for a fun afternoon twitch stream that takes a look at the XCC Kickstarter the moment it goes live. They’ll be talk of pledge levels, kickstarter exclusives, add-ons, stretch goals — the works! Secrets will be revealed and questions will be answered during this live twitch stream.

You’ll also want to remember to pledge first thing to get a bonus XCC sponsorship sticker sheet!

12:00 p.m. NOON EST, Wednesday, July 12

Xcrawl Classics Kickstater Launch Party!

Hosts: The Goodman Gang

Join Joseph Goodman and the Goodman Gang for this noontime celebration of the launch of the Xcrawl Classics kickstarter! This all new and all-in-one edition of the World’s Most Xtreme Dungeon Crawl dials the gonzo adventure of DCC up to eleven! Learn more about the XCC kickstarter campaign, with discussion of backer levels, exclusive add-ons, stretch goals — and, of course, don’t forget the early-bird backer bonus items!

Don’t miss a second of the XCC launch party starting on Noon (12:00 pm EST) this Wednesday (TOMORROW!) — only on The Goodman Games Official Twitch Channel!

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