A Great Time at RAGE Con!

This past weekend hundreds upon hundreds of folks took part in mass gaming of a different kind for Nevada — one with a tabletop RPG and board game angle! We’re talking RageCon 2023, the Reno Area Gaming Expo, and Goodman Games was there! For three days of family gaming, folks rolled weird dice and discovered strange fates . . . for their characters and meeples, anyway.

Pteranodons flew and Foil Demons chased after them… Denizens of the Reed Maze and the Horror in Blackwood Forest met in the Caverns of the Sea Strangers, and they were strangers no more! Remember: always travel together, use the buddy system, and get your adventure modules at the Goodman Games booth!

We’d like to thank Newt and the entire RageCon team and volunteers for making the convention run smoothly all weekend for all in attendance. Hope to see you there next year, Reno Area gamers!

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