Announcing the Backer-Submitted Monsters to be Included in Dungeon Denizens

A Monstrous Congratulations!

Our recent kickstarter for Dungeon Denizens received a tremendous response — it turns out, fans really love a good monster or two (or 500 plus!) Part of the kickstarter offered backers the chance to design their own beasties and see them in print in the final version of this most monstrously huge of monster manuals!

We had a ton of fantastic and amazingly creative submissions, and it was a tough choice to narrow them down to the final twenty winners. For a full dose of the drama, you can watch the replay of the reveal show for the backer-submitted winners on the YouTube.

But without further ado, here are the 20 monsters submitted by backers that will be published in the final versions of Dungeon Denizens! Congratulations one and all for some fine monster designs that have made this awesome tome even better! Soon, we will be reaching out to these 20 authors with contracts to sign — in the meantime, congratulations!

The Monstrous Winners (and their Authors!):

  • Adaptive Guard by Samuel Watt   
  • Agony Leech by Andrew J. Patch  
  • Deviled Dragon Eggs by Brian Richard
  • Drowned Dead by Stefan Surratt   
  • Gong Warden by Michael Robert Walden, Jr. 
  • Isskor by Marshall Peterson   
  • Itinerant Grasper by Christopher Gauci   
  • Jolly Crabber by Richard Gog   
  • Libri Animatum by Thomas Carl Burchers   
  • Mirari by Zack Daugherty   
  • Shadow Gaunt by Matthew C. Handfield   
  • Shipwrecker Recluse by Edward Graham   
  • Slaughter Knight by Heath Harris   
  • Sludge Goblin by Sam Crawford   
  • Spindlefoot by Nikolaas Mennega   
  • Springnad by Jeremy Throckmorton   
  • Stoneshaper by Christopher Michael Rowe   
  • Storyshade by Teague von Bohlen   
  • Taker Below by Marcus Schakowski   
  • Tongue-eating Cymothoa by Gregory Peter Setliff

The next steps for these crazily creative creatures will be the commission of full color artwork — we’ll be sure to share it with you in the future!

Once again, thanks for everyone who supported the kickstarter, and to all of those backers that sent us their designs!

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