Yes, The New MCC Cover Really Glows!

DCC Day is Saturday, July 22nd!

For our DCC Day limited edition glow-in-the-dark Mutant Crawl Classics Core Rulebook, it’s rumored that artist Stefan Poag consumed preparations of ghost gossamer and luminescent cave fungus, donned the skin of an iridescent deep-sea leviathan while sleeping in an x-ray machine, and filled his studio with 10,000 tame lightning bugs. Whatever his methods, the artifact Stefan has produced is unique in the annals of MCC — and yes, it really does glow in the dark!

Every DCC Day retailer kit includes a copy of this new printing of the MCC Core Rulebook, and the glow-in-the-dark ink cover has to be seen to be believed.

Want to get your hands on this ghostly gem? Simply head to a participating retailer on DCC Day — but if you are not sure if your favorite game store is participating in DCC Day, now is the time to ask them! If they aren’t aware of all the retailer perks of DCC Day, suggest they reach out to for the full details.

Participating stores will be added to our Retailer Locator, and they will be able to order DCC Day 2023 Kits – including multiple copies of the DCC Adventure Pack, the DCC Day Adventure #4 MCC: Crash of the Titans, and a copy of the new glow-in-the-dark MCC RPG — all at a steep discount!

And remember, DCC Day isn’t just about the freebies — consider joining in or running a game of DCC or MCC at your FLGS and share the fun with everyone.

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