Congratulations to the Raffle Winners!

Congrats to the Winners!

The War of the Cyclops Con Closing Ceremonies were about more than recapping the weekend’s fun moments, bidding farewell to another virtual con, and tallying up the unfortunates that ended up in the Cyclops’ stew pot — it was also about randomly giving out some cool prizes in the form of autographed new releases!

Some of you have already claimed your prizes — but others have yet to check in. If you see your name (or alias!) and Badge number on the list below, email us at with your mailing address so we can get those prizes in the mail!

Unclaimed prizes end up in the Cyclops’ belly — so don’t delay!

Prizes and Winners:

DCC Dying Earth #6: The Great Visp Hunt, autographed by Julian Bernick

winner: #215 Thomas Gurinskas

Crypt of the Devil Lich – DCC Edition, Kovacs cover, slipcase, autographed by Bob Brinkman

winner: #146 Paul Pipeline

DCC #102: Dweller Between the Worlds, autographed by Marc Bruner

winner: #217 Cody Cooper

DCC #79: Frozen in Time – Foil cover, autographed by Michael Curtis

winner: #206 Ian Davis

Crypt of the Devil Lich – 5E Edition “Virgin” Sanjulian cover, slipcase, autographed by Chris Doyle

winner: #190 Adam Maag

Xcrawl: Boston Crawl autographed by Brendan LaSalle

winner: #259 Haley Skach

Love in the Age of Gongfarmers autographed by Stephen Newton

winner: #31 Ariel Churi

DCC Lankhmar #4: Violence for Votishal autographed by Terry Olson

winner: #10 Jeremy K. Shuman Jr.

MCC #14: Mayhem on the Magtrain autographed by Tim Snider

winner: #246 Taylor Carrasco

DCC Dying Earth #5: Penumbra of the Polar Ape autographed by Harley Stroh

winner: #150 Devin Rieth

DCC Dying Earth Core Boxed Set autographed by Marc Bruner

winner: #210 Jono Skullsplitter

Congrats to to the winners, and thanks to everyone who joined us over the weekend for a terrific War of the Cyclops Con!

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