Announcing DCC Day 2023


Last year’s DCC Day — that one day of the year to celebrate all things DCC — was a huge success, our biggest event yet! And we can’t wait for this year’s DCC Day on July 22nd, 2023.

That’s, right — mark your calendars for DCC Day 2023 on July 22 — and start planning now! Asking your Friendly Local Gaming Store now about their plans for DCC Day is a great way to make sure the fun lands in your local area — offering to help organize or run a DCC game at said store is an even better way.

This year’s DCC Day will be a whole day of gaming and fun — and freebies! We can’t say too much about what will be in store in the free module department just yet, but we do have some preview images that might whet your appetite . . .

This is just SOME of what we’ve got planned for the big day, check back with us often for more updates on the full kit details as we get closer to the date.

Retailer ordering information will be available soon. Retailers with any additional questions can contact¬†for more info!”

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