Marc Bruner Welcomes Our New DCC Friends!

New Fans, Welcome to a New DCC Setting!

Marc Bruner is the lead designer of our brand new range of DCC Dying Earth Setting publications, and he’d like to welcome you to the fun of adventuring in Jack Vance’s world of the Dying Earth.

Let Marc walk you through the DCC Dying Earth Boxed Set with it’s three reference books and full-color map — the complete source for transporting DCC RPG into an ancient future of magic and wonder.

DCC: Dying Earth let’s you take the system you love into the wild, uncharted, far-future world of the Dying Earth as inspired by the classic works of Jack Vance. With new classes, spells, patrons, equipment, and setting specific mechanics, and a whole new weird world of ancient technology, oddball heroes, strange civilizations, and guaranteed twits-and-turns, DCC Dying Earth is an entirely new way to play Dungeon Crawl Classics!

Welcome aboard new fans — and let Marc introduce you to DCC Dying Earth:

Check out the All-New DCC Dying Earth line:

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