Artist Profile: Stefan Poag

A Real Live Artist!

Goodman Games is one of the few gaming companies to focus on hand-created art — real art, from real live artists. Much of the art displayed in our books (especially on the Dungeon Crawl Classics line) is created by artists using actual physical media, not digital methods. There are artifacts left behind in the actual real world when these artists finish their work, such as a vibrantly painted canvas, frayed paintbrushes, ink-stained fingers, and paint-spattered desks. In these occasional artist profiles, we’ll reach behind the scenes to profile some of the artists whose names you see in the pages of our books, and whose art brings our game worlds to unforgettable life.

Artist Profile: Stefan Poag

What’s the weirdest item/medium you’ve used to make art with?

I have used razor blades, wrinkled paper, old toothbrushes, wrinkled saran wrap, paper towels, dried lichen and other materials to blot, scrape, dab or smear the paint and ink. But most of the time I just use pens or brushes – nothing fancy.

The Artist in the Real World

What is your favorite candy bar?

Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts

What’s the most annoying/surprising/ridiculous thing you’ve been asked to illustrate?

The stupidest thing I have ever drawn is a flumpf.

From “Crypt of the Devil Lich”

What does Stefan think of AI art?

Every artist creates worlds from their own imagination with paper and a bit of ink or paint; I can’t imagine giving that up.

Thanks, Stefan!

These step-by-step galleries and a whole lot more of Stefan’s amazing art can be found at his website, The Weird Fantasy Art of Stefan Poag.


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