Preview the Dungeon Denizens Kickstarter on YouTube

We want to tell you about Dungeon Denizens.

In fact, we want to tell everyone about Dungeon Denizens. That’s why we had a special preview show that aired on Twitch recently. In it, we cover everything from the creation of the project through to the monsters and the thoughts behind them, as well as the pledge levels of the Kickstarter, the add-ons, and much, much more! It’s a full hour of information with Joseph Goodman, Michael Curtis, and Chris Doyle.

Of course, that’s what aired on Twitch during a live show. It’s not live anymore, which makes it a shame that you…OH WAIT! We’ve put the whole show up on YouTube! Now you can watch the Dungeon Denizens Preview Special at your leisure. In fact, it’s linked directly below!

Get all of the information from the special, and then head over to follow the Kickstarter page so that you will be alerted when it goes live! If you pledge in the first 48 hours of the campaign, you’ll be getting an extra free monster with your fulfillment.

We don’t just want you to take our word on how good this fantastic book of 500+ monsters for either DCC RPG or 5E is, though. That’s why we gave special preview privileges to certain folks, and one of them made their own video about the campaign! Alex from Twenty Sides to Every Story took some time out to peruse the preview of the Kickstarter campaign and has his own thoughts on it. And you can watch his YouTube video about it as well!

So prep yourself now for the Kickstarter by watching the videos above! And then be sure to follow the Dungeon Denizens campaign on Kickstarter now so that you are alerted to its launch next week and can be a part of the first 48-hour special to grab that extra monster!

We’ll see you over on Kickstarter!

Author: pandabrett

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