Visit Us at DunDraCon This Weekend

The longest-running gaming convention on the West Coast of the United States—and one of the oldest gaming conventions, period—is back! DunDraCon is happening this weekend!

DunDraCon is four days of gaming fun held in Santa Clara, CA, from February 17-20, and Goodman Games will be on hand to help make it better than ever! Not only will we have a booth filled with all of our latest releases, but you’ll be able to play in DCC scheduled events, and roll some dice in the open gaming space, too!

The booth will have the latest releases for DCC RPG, MCC RPG, DCC Lankhmar, Fifth Edition Fantasy, and much more! It’s a great way to grab the latest and meet up with some of the folks from Goodman Games to boot!

So if you are in northern California, be sure to schedule some time to visit Santa Clara—where we’re headquartered, by the way—and join us this weekend at DunDraCon!

Author: pandabrett

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