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There’s dark, and then there’s Stennard level dark…

Times are hard for the people of Stennard. Food is scarce and desperation is rampant. Except for the dogs on the farm of Ohlnicks Muttwrangler, whose hounds seem to be well-fed and happy. Which is making the desperate angry. And hungry for meat…

    Here’s info straight from the Kickstarter:

    Desperation of the Hungry is a DCC RPG-compatible encounter for 8-12 0-level characters or 4-6 1st-level characters. It should take 1.5-2 hours to complete. The encounter takes place at the edge of the town of Stennard, with the action focused on the Muttwrangler House. Having a copy of The Stennard Courier Vol. 1 can enrich the experience, but is not essential to running this encounter. Instead, this encounter can be placed in any town or village at a house by a stream.

    Stennard is a grimdark, survival-horror setting created for Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG  by myself, Nick Baran. Stennard does contain some mature themes that are best suited for those 13+, and parental guidance is encouraged. This encounter can be dropped into any town or village, but if you would like to dig into Stennard, check out The Precipice of Corruption, The Stennard Courier Vol. 1, and the Stennard Character Creation Guide. Any would make an ideal starting point. The Stennard Character Creation Guide is available at DriveThruRPG for “pay what you want” if you want to know if the tone of the setting is for you.

    If this kind of adventure is for you, then be sure to head over to Kickstarter and support Desperation of the Hungry for DCC RPG today!

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