Support The “DCC Character Folio” Third-Party DCC Kickstarter

It’s the ultimate way to track your character! It’s The DCC Character Folio Kickstarter!

The folks at Smoking Wyrm decided to get to address the root of all RPGs: the character. To that end, they’ve put together a Kickstarter that contains not one, but THREE separate items to help track your characters and their campaign:

  • The DCC Character Folio
  • The DCC Legacy Folio (add-on)
  • The Party Ledger (add-on)

Here’s some info straight from the Kickstarter:

The DCC Character Folio is a character booklet for tracking your DCC character, ANY DCC character, from 0-10th level. The DCC Legacy Folio is a booklet for tracking your legacy game sessions for your character from 0-10th level, and beyond! The Party Ledger is the perfect way to make sure that the party is keeping track of all those chainmail suits they were gifted by the dying beastmen.

The DCC Character Folio contains nine essential features:

  • Generic Class Table—Sure, you can find each classes table in the DCC RPG core rulebook, but when you are moving light, it is handy to have it right there in your character folio. We have created a generic, fillable, class table that works with any of the standard character classes.
  • Other Essential Player Tables—There are just some tables, buried deep in that huge tome we all love, that you know you need at your fingertips—the XP table, the stat bonus table, the combat condition modifier table, the standard dice to funky dice conversion table, and of course, the fumble table. They are all in here—neatly printed inside the front cover, and on the back cover, ready for you to use at a moments notice.
  • Character Bio Page—Need to do a quick sketch of your character, note their eye color, or record a short bit of backstory? We have you covered…
  • Character Stats/Combat Display—folding out into a two-page spread, most everything you need for those monster combats. Wait, regular single page character sheets already do this? You bet they do, but they don’t have room to notch off stat burn, arrow usage, list temporary modifiers (Bless anyone?), or more—do they? No? Our work here is done…this beguiling layout is worth the price of admission alone, if we do say so ourselves.
  • Skills & Languages Page—Whether you are a thief, or just like to note skills and languages, we get you. In fact, you can even note which languages you can only speak, read, or write. That way the Dwarf can read all those bad words the Elf writes home to their momma.
  • Comprehensive Spellcasting Display Page—Want to know which spells are in a scroll, some wizard’s tome you stole but haven’t committed to memory yet, or just flat out know? Yeah, we have that and more. Keep clear track of everything spell, patron, and magical related.  Need to know the patron taints or corruption you have taken on as you travel the phlogiston?  We are here for you.  Need to know how many favors you owe your patron? Check—now go slay that bad-boy wizard mocking you with all this new-found esoteric lore.
  • Money, Debts, and Equipment Display Page—Space for all the coin, debt, and equipment you have. Want to know if you keep chalk on your person, in your backpack, on your horse, or at home? Now you can…
  • Treasure & Notes Pages—Many, many, many pages await for you to fill with notes on treasure, tragedy, and NPCs you have met. Go forth and journal!
  • Physiognomy Notes Display—Lost a foot to the plague? Nose get bit off by a giant toad? Did that sword slash across your back leave a mark? Got a tattoo while drunk on red earthen mead in the last village? Corruption make one arm fall off, and the other grow to twice its length? Annotate our bipedal illustration with all your favorite distinguishing features—and keep notes on where you got them!

And that’s just the Character Folio! There are two other parts of the Kickstarter!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over and support The DCC Character Folio third-party DCC Kickstarter! The campaign is funded and is everything needed for your PC, sheet-wise, so get ready to be in character!

Author: pandabrett

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