DCC Creators, Prepare for Zinequest in February 2023!

February 2023 will launch Kickstarter’s next Zinequest!

Next year’s Zinequest on Kickstarter will move back to its original month of February — the perfect thing to heat up the coldest time of the year! Every year Zinequest showcases independent voices in the RPG scene and celebrates unique, quirky, and off-the-beaten track indie developers and authors. Maybe you’re one of them!

Did you know Goodman Games supports third-party creators? Not only is our Third Party Publishing License completely free, but we help promote third party products and campaigns and even buy copies of your book at generous terms for sale in our online store. To get the details about developing indie material for our games check out: So You Want to Be An Independent MCC or DCC Third Party Publisher?

Over the years, third-party developers have brought dozens of successful DCC and MCC compatible kickstarters to life, many of them during past Zinequests. These books covered all manner of out-of-the-ordinary and super-imaginative themes — nothing is too niche for Zinequest! So developers and would-be developers out there, now is the time to rev your engines, dig deep, and start burning that midnight oil to bring your vision to life and share it with the world — next year’s Zinequest will be the perfect occasion to launch your campaign, and February will be here before you know it.

It’s a good time to jump on board with third-party publishing and see your vision become reality in February 2023!

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