Final Hours to Pledge for DCC Dice on Kickstarter!

It ends today! You only have a few hours left to get in on the Kickstarter for new DCC Dice sets from Impact! Miniatures!

All gamers know one inexorable truth: you can never have too many dice.

Which means the news that Impact! Miniatures—the company that manufactures the DCC Dice for Goodman Games—has a new Kickstarter with some dice sets for Dungeon Crawl Classics that much better news!

Not only are there several new sets of dice, but there are also dice bags available through this Kickstarter as well! It’s perfect for fans of DCC and all the dice that you carry. Buying these DCC dice sets through the Kickstarter campaign not only saves some money over retail, but ensures first delivery of the dice before they are available anywhere else.

Let’s look at some of the details direct from the Kickstarter itself:

As the wizards prepare to enter perilous battle, they need special magic to ensure terror for their foes. Impact! Miniatures in collaboration with Goodman Games bring you 4 new DCC dice colors along with new DCC content to bring the power of the Unleashed Arcana to your RPG experience.

Four brand new inserts with new content for DCC are being offered in this Kickstarter in tubes along with 4 new dice colors. In addition, this Kickstarter also offers up an additional 3 new colors for DCC dice (Mind Spike, Light Blue, and Orange).

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Impact! Miniatures new Kickstarter and show them some love! We love their dice, and we hope you’ll show your support for this latest set of dice!

The campaign ends today! You only have a few hours left, so don’t wait any longer! Act now!

Author: pandabrett

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