Pre-Order Your DCC Day Dice!

DCC Day is July 16, 2022! And if you want to get your exclusives—like the limited Dice of the Fallen Gods—make sure you reserve them now with your FLGS!

DCC Day 2022 has a ton of exclusives for fans—including seven new dice sets—one for each of the new patrons in The Book of Fallen Gods! These are 7-dice sets with only the “DCC funky dice”: d3, d5, d7, d14, d16, d24, and d30. Dice of the Fallen Gods sets are available in seven colors: black, blue, green, orange, purple, red, and yellow, each of which corresponds to a patron covered in another DCC Day exclusive for this year, The Book of Fallen Gods.

But you can only get these at participating DCC Day retailers. So fans, be sure to ask your local store to sign up and order a set for you. They don’t come with the standard DCC Day Kit—they have to be ordered separately. Supplies of dice are very limited, so let your FLGS know now that you want your set—they might not be there later. The suggested retail price is $15.00 per set for the Dice of the Fallen Gods.

Email for details about DCC Day sign-up.

Dice of the Fallen Gods – Chaar’s Shadow Stones (Black Dice)
Dice of the Fallen Gods – Ivyeel’s Entwining Emeralds (Green Dice)
Dice of the Fallen Gods – Olathvee’s Heartmad Hexahedrons (Red Dice)
Dice of the Fallen Gods – Shayl’s Shimmering Shards (Blue Dice)
Dice of the Fallen Gods – The Ianthinian’s Purple Polyhedrals of Power (Purple Dice)
Dice of the Fallen Gods – The Sallow Blight’s Jaundiced Jewels (Yellow Dice)
Dice of the Fallen Gods – The Twin’s Embers of Inspiration (Orange Dice)

Our Dice of the Fallen Gods sets correspond with the new DCC Day exclusive patron supplement, The Book of the Fallen Gods.

Lingering since the dawn of the multiverse are a cabal of deposed deities: the Un-Gods. These entities are the innate forces of the cosmos—entropy, love, power, creation, and life—that influence creatures, nations, planets, and galaxies alike. Each has vast power at their command and are willing to share that supremacy with those willing to forge compacts with them. But all such bonds come with a price, a price not all are willing—or capable—of paying.

The Book of Fallen Gods introduces seven new patrons for use in your Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG campaign. With powers ranging from love to destruction, one of them is bound to tempt your players to seek a bond with them.

Author: pandabrett

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