Hail to the Khan of Cons!

The San Francisco Bay Area was jubilant in its return to the Khan of Cons, KublaCon — and Goodman Games was there! Fans were excited to pick up the Original Adventures Reincarnated series, the DCC and DCC Lankhmar adventures they were missing, and to finally learn How To Write Adventure Modules That Don’t Suck.

Glaciers which were Frozen in Time were explored, gongfarmers fell in love (because it was the age of Love in the Age of Gongfarmers), and one mighty player who wished to crash a game Sunday night crashed his way into running a game for the attending players — an instant ascendancy into DCC Judgehood and Road Crew-dom!

We’d very much like to thank Aldo, Mike, Tom, and everyone on the KublaCon team who made the weekend great for us and great for all the attendees! We will see you again next year, Kubla Fans!

Author: pandabrett

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