Another Great MomoCon!

Check out our MomoCon memories!

It was another great, long weekend of chaos, costumes, and comradery at this year’s MomoCon — and we’ve got the pics to prove it! Jen, Dieter, and Brendan were on the scene representing the Goodman Gang at the booth and on the gaming tables . . . as was a certain Chaos Lord and that pint-sized terror Emogoth the Danged, Lord of the Print Mines.

We caught up with both Brendan and Dieter for their report:

Brendan’s take: After three years away, Goodman Games gratefully made it back to Atlanta for MomoCon! If you haven’t had the opportunity, MomoCon is a fantastic fan con, an amazing anime fan event, a wonderfully diverse gathering of folks into every kind of fandom with a burgeoning RPG scene that grows every year. This was a fantastic weekend of gaming and fun, all watched over by Molan the Chaos Lord! There were DCC games going all weekend long for curious newcomers and old fans alike, along with celebrities, video games, costume events, and so much more! We had a fantastic time, rolling dice and sharing the Goodman energy. Huge thanks to the attendees, staff, and organizers, and a very special thanks to RPG coordinator par excellence Ginny Loveday. See you in 2023!

Dieter’s take: From the booth perspective, it was great! At a game convention, you can pretty much assume that even if people haven’t heard of DCC RPG, they have played RPGs and know what they are. Not so at a place like MomoCon where the main focus is anime! We had people at the booth who started the conversation at “What’s a roleplaying game?” or “What’s D&D?” The best part is . . . we made a couple sales to those people! There were certainly a few hard core DCC fans there as well, but most of the people we sold to were completely new to the game.

My personal highlight, though, was Friday night when I got nerdcore rapper Mega Ran to name drop Andre Norton in his freestyle segment.

Here’s just a sample of the fun from this year’s Momocon:

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