Gary Con Highlight Videos!

You’ve probably already seen our fun photo gallery from Gary Con XIV in our Wrap Up post last month, so now it’s time for some moving images! It was an absolute blast to catch up with all of our Gary Con friends and fans after three years, and we had big plans to stream from the convention floor that ran into a few technical difficulties.

Such ‘technical difficulties,’ according to Goodman Games’ own intrepid Twitch Producer Alana Thompson, may have involved the rampaging of some kind of enormous, cold-loving ungulate. “These Moose are getting smarter, even as they get bigger,” Thompson remarked when we reached out to her for comment. “You would think at seven feet tall and around half a ton, someone would have spotted the culprit. But all we have to go on are some splayed-hoof tracks and grainy surveillance footage of a dewlap caught in profile. It might even have been a Caribou, for all we know.”

Fortunately, a lot of footage from Gary Con survived its brush with rogue Canadian wildlife, and is now available on YouTube. Our ace reporter Convention Manager Jen Brinkman was on hand at the Con to catch up with the crew, we’ve assembled a gaming montage showing a host of fantastic moments from the various Xcrawl games run across multiple days of the convention, and we cap off everything with two in-depth seminars — a discussion of the ways DCC differs from D&D, and some solid advice on how to improve your own module design (such as that found in the definitive How To Write Adventure Modules That Don’t Suck).

We think the fun we had comes through in every video — and whether you happened to be there alongside us or you’re seeing this all for the first time now, we know you’ll have a blast with these videos.

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